There’s a talent crisis.
You can’t hire your way out of it.

Talent is the lifeblood of your organization – it will make or break your company’s success. Are you losing key talent to competitors? Unable to attract the right talent you need? Grow your leaders, build your bench strength, and win the game.

Learn how to solve your leadership talent crisis.

Why does talent leave?

High potential people leave when there is no career development opportunity.

What does turnover cost?

Leadership gaps cause recruitment expenses, higher salaries, and lost productivity.

Save thousands in recruitment and lost productivity by building “ready now” leadership talent.

Why not hire external leadership?

External hires cost more, take longer to acclimate to your corporate culture, and leave sooner.

How do I deepen my talent bench?

A clear pathway of opportunity increases the commitment of high potential talent.

Am I doing enough?

You don’t have to do it all. TalentXponential customizes a Strategic Talent Management Approach for you.

Get your leaders ready for their next role, build a stronger culture, increase employee engagement, and retain your top talent.


TalentXponential programs have accelerated the careers of participating leaders, with up to 70% promoted into their next-level roles within one year.

A strategic process to develop your leaders.

Every winning team needs a strong bench of talent, but often executives are so busy dealing with the day-to-day demands of the business, they neglect building their leaders.

  • Are you growing your next generation of leaders?
  • Is your company prepared to meet future challenges?
  • Have you lost valuable talent to your competitors?

“TalentXponential has strengthened our leadership bench and increased our talent retention.”

Chief Nursing Officer
Northern California Hospital



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